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Christopher’s Christmas Carol (Part III)

Let’s back up a bit—beep, beep, beep—to the day my cast came off, just three days before my flight home. See, the airline had some silly discriminatory rule about casts in the cabin. It would have to come off if I was going to surprise my parents for Christmas. So off it came. The same […]

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Christopher’s Christmas Carol (Part II)

I had moved to Germany just five months before my redhaired, demon colleague caused me to break my ankle. When I left America, I bore the mane of a rock star—think Whitesnake or David Lee Roth…or Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, post-suicide blonde wig. I was pretty, and I’m not going to apologize. So upon […]

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Christopher’s Christmas Carol (Part I)

“I’ll race ya to the U-Bahn!” a petite, carrot-top English teacher shouted and darted out of the teachers’ room at our language institute. It was an icy late-October in Munich, so I threw my scarf around my shoulders and pursued. She didn’t have a chance; after all, I had been on the track team for […]

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