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Barack Hussein Obama: A European Perspective

The following article was published in a thin book of stories about Barack Obama’s rise to power. After receiving my contributor’s copy and after digesting my disappointment with the poor editing of my article, I’m posting it here in its original form for those of you who are interested. The article is touchy in that […]

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London’s New Face

The UK is a slushy, icy wonderland of teenagers wanting to use said icy wonderland as an excuse not to take their A-level exams. The airlines also used the weather to delay and cancel dozens of flights. Fortunately, my flights were only delayed and I was able to spend my first weekend in London this […]

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Distraction, be Damned!

(Important! If this post is cut off at the bottom, reload the page. The usually solves the problem.) ________________________ I love traveling. Give me a point A and I’ll do my best to get to point B. Give me a plane, a train or a donkey, and I’ll get there if I can. I love […]

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