London's New Face

The UK is a slushy, icy wonderland of teenagers wanting to use said icy wonderland as an excuse not to take their A-level exams. The airlines also used the weather to delay and cancel dozens of flights. Fortunately, my flights were only delayed and I was able to spend my first weekend in London this year fixing up the flat, getting the odd smell of algae out of the plumbing, and assembling assorted IKEA accessories. The flat now looks beautifully IKEAish...because I’m lazy.

My new flat is on The Isle of Dogs near Canary Wharf, the Manhattan of London. In a matter of seconds, I felt at home in this place. I can’t wait to become acquainted with this newer, more modern face of an old friend—London, my lover of . . . [the unimaginably loud rumble of the Docklands Light Railway overhead].

What the hell? In this metamodern corner of London, no one thought to make the trains a little quieter? Are they using the same technology they used fifty years ago? The DLR sounds like a hundred bombs going off when it rounds the tracks overhead at South Quay. Thank goodness my flat isn’t near the train station. I couldn’t imagine living next to that racket.

The DLR aside, though, Canary Wharf promises to be a positive chapter in my ongoing romance with London. Bitch better keep her promise this time. (If you’ve missed the beginning of this love affair, search this blog for the previous entries

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I must be off,


  1. I live near a cargo railway line. The passing trains help ease me to sleep. But enough about me.

    So you're established now, yes? I expect to see you on the next Big Brother snogging a lobotomized kumquat.

  2. Big Brother is big, isn't it? Actually, I'd like to be the token American in a Big Brother house. Or would I bet the token gay? Or would I be the token old guy?

    Yes, established. And this time we're going to have fun.

    How you? Surviving the cold?

  3. Fraud! London doesn't have modern buildings. The tallest one is Big Ben. The rest of the city is little shops and three story town houses where people build Time Machines and Robert Downey Jr. smokes a mere sham pipe that’s been aged to perfection. The end.

  4. True, true, true . . . the London in your heart. And I'm soooooo glad to be out of that London (where all the houses are falling apart) and into the new and"improved" London. We'll see how long it takes the new London to fall apart.

  5. I am kinda partial to old London. Rotting, centuries old buildings somehow keep me humble.


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