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London Found (Part II, See Part I below)

As it goes, I wasn’t meant to find spring on Sunday. That evening, however, I did find an exceptionally good Thai restaurant near Canary Wharf. I ordered spring rolls with the provision that they were made with 100% rice flour. Sadly, there was wheat in the mix, so once again, spring eluded me. The next […]

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My Quest for Spring

(Important! If this post is cut off at the bottom, please reload the page. This usually solves the problem. I look forward to your comments, your shares and your kisses.) _________________________________ In London last weekend the blue sky and mild weather pulled me out into the city. I was on a quest to find the […]

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Lessons from a Wise Sky: Number One

A Wise SkySince I’ll be flying quite a lot this year, I’ve decided to spend the next few weeks cataloguing all the knock-down-drag-out fights I’ve had on airplanes. I thought about starting with a sequence of stories entitled “Adorable Psycho Banned from Airline,” but I think I’ll save that story for my series “Adorable Psycho […]

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