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Lessons from a Wise Sky: Number Three

A Wise SkyI very rarely need to talk. Often, I go all day without opening my mouth (I can eat through my ears). As a language teacher, I’ve been trained to listen patiently, nod occasionally and smile. I’m not a good listener; I’m the best (except of course when I’m eating through my ears). Why […]

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Lessons from a Wise Sky: Number Two

A Wise SkyWhen I fly, I always have something gluten-free in my backpack. Be prepared, right? Well, I haven’t always been such a Boy Scout. This lesson took me several years to learn, like playing the clarinet or acquiring Urdu. Last year I was on my way back to Munich from Nashville on my whipping-boy […]

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Taste the Pinca!

In keeping with my obsession for travel, I’ve just returned from a weekend trip to Croatia. The original idea was to enjoy Easter in a spa hotel on the Mediterranean. Buffet breakfast in the morning, lounging about on the rocky shores of Poreč, Croatia until the late afternoon, drinking wine and assuring one another that […]

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