Now for Something Completely Different

I have talented friends. I'm going to tell you about four of them right now who are multi-talents. Three are from my Belmont days, and they are all wonderful, smart and TALENTED people; one is a TALENTED artist I met during my Urbis days (which I believe are over for good).

Todd Williamson is a painter. He was a singer when I went to university with him, but now as a painter he has carved out a solid non-representational style. He's solid as well. Right now he needs your clicks to win the contest Art Takes Miami (where you can also read more about him and view some of his work).

Janet Ivey-Duensing is the face and TALENT behind Janet's Planet, recently honored with Parenting Journals Editor's Choice Award. The site is informative, fun and deserving of all the praise it gets. Janet is a true multi-talent: singer, presenter, educator. She does it all.

Lori Fischer, a dear dear friend, has so many irons in the fire. Recently she wrote a short film featuring Olympia Dukakis. Lori is a writer, an actor, a singer, and a teacher. She's collaborating on a film project right now. Check it out.

Finally, I met Jennifer Bower as a poet. She's now come out of her shell as a brilliant artist. I've told her so often, but I'm telling you now: she tells a story in every picture. I love what you do, Jenn.

Wow, there's hope for mankind after all.

I must be off,


  1. You have NO IDEA how this simply "Something Completely Different" completely made my day. I am so flattered to be in such esteemed company & to be considered 'friend.' You are such a joy, inspiration and have this knack of knowing when I need just the right pick-me-up (she says as she struggles with a momentary lack of stylistic confidence). I am so happy you are on this journey with me - bolstering me on! Love you dearly!!!! *and now I must be off to share this flattery on my post* You have sincerely blown me away.

  2. Hi, Jenn!
    It makes my day that I've made yours. Big smooch. :)

  3. Olympia Dukakis is a she-queen. You have the most bodacious buddies. Tell Lori to tongue-kiss Olympia from me.

  4. Gross, Mark. I'll tell her, but I'm not sure she'll do it. We'll just have to wait and see.


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