My Interview with author Jincy Willett

Check out the Metazen Blog for The Metaview with Jincy Willett and then stop by Metazen to read Jincy Willett's new story.


  1. What a treat - both story and interview! So much here to love. I hope you won't mind if I repost?

  2. Hi, Anonymous. Please do! May I ask who you are?

  3. What a wonderful article Chris! Funny thing, I started reading the interview five minutes before I was suppose to be logged into a conference call. I almost missed the call because the eloquence of the interview flat out sucked me into the screen. I felt powerless to leave. You may think me crazy, but at one point I almost forgot I was reading. The interview felt more like I was listening to a radio broadcast.

    Being a technical writer, I basically have my head crammed in the sand when it comes to any other type of writing………….which leads me to this confession. I may have learned about metafiction when I was in college, but let’s be honest, that was 5,000 years ago. I Googled it. Jincy’s writing is a wonderful way to be reintroduced to metafiction. Thank you for leading me to an author with such a beautiful command over (non-technical) words. I need to pull my head out of the sand more often!

  4. Hey,
    Wow. Thank you, Kris :) The interview evolved over a few weeks. I'm glad Willett struck a chord with you. Can't wait to hear how you like her work.

  5. Nice interview, Chris.

    Jincy is on my buy list.

  6. Thanks for letting me know about the interview. Rich stuff. Once my exams are done, I'm looking forward to reading her new piece.

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  9. Hi, Redruby! Thanks for stopping by :) I live in Munich. Do you live in Bavaria too?


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