Les quatre parties du monde soutenant la sphère céleste
Europe, Asia, Africa and America
Four windows to a world of flowers

Four windows left from a world left behind

Four windows to the sky
Four photogenic lilies
Trdelnik is not a four-letter word

But Mary is

And Roar is loud and four-lettered. ROAR!


  1. RAWR!!!!!! I am digging those cluckers. You know I have a fowl fetish, don't you?

  2. Really. I think I have lots of chicky pics. Is it just chickens or all birds?

  3. I wish I were looking out of the flower windows... Beautimous! Well done, Chris. :o) ~Bex

  4. Chris this is really clever! I'll be very keen to see how you get to 100! Good luck and look forward to watching!!

  5. Great concept. I'm kinda hoping you don't get to 100 because I'd have to count things to make sure you're not cheating.

  6. Cute idea! And The Dropout's comment is awesome!! No cheating allowed! :)

  7. I'm with The Dropout on this. When you get to 87 there better not be, say, 86 chickens in that photo. It would definitely have to be 87 chickens. Anything else would be appalling...

  8. Oh, I totally agree. I'm going to be so conscientious about this. When I say there are 64 flamingos taking flight you better believe I've counted every one of them. That's how adorably conscientious I'm going to be. :)

  9. This is going to be very entertaining....can't wait to see what you come up with as the numbers increase. Bon Chance!

  10. Yes, I believe you can make it to 100! Eagerly awaiting "Five".


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