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It was the night before Christmas when a long losing streak of rejection came to an end. It was a surprise of course, like a Christmas present from a stranger. Last year when The Short Humour Site took my story "My Ego Speak Portuguese Someday," I hoped that it would make it into the second annual print anthology, A Man of a Few More Words. It didn't, but it will be in A Man of Yet a Few More Words coming out later this year. If the order of stories remains the same, my story is the first story in the book, so maybe readers will actually read my little gigglefest.

On December 28 Shaping the New You was supposed to be in bookstores, so I made the rounds in Nashville, searching a wide range of outlets from Borders to Krogers--any place where you can find the Chicken Soup for the Soul books--in vain. The book didn't come out on that day in Nashville. Or the next. I went back to Germany a bit deflated. I'd wanted to gloat.

For two weeks nothing but rejection followed. I actually got some nice ones this time. An editor at Necessary Fiction took time to tell me why the story was rejected (which I appreciated greatly). An editor at another ezine rejected a story and then slapped one of those "I respectfully ask that you wait a month before sending anything else our way" reminders, which means they intensely dislike what I do and dread reading it--which also means I'll be sending them a story once a month until my hands cramp up and wither away. Yes, I'm that adorable.

In the first two weeks of January I also discovered that I had lost several writing contests. Slap slap slap. And then the rejections came almost daily. Some days were multiple-rejection days.

But then the skies opened up and acceptance shone through (yes, I write this way, which is why my stories are rejected so often I reckon). Six stories were given wonderful homes, and three of them have already appeared. Have a swing by these places and give my puppies a stroke.

The Language at The Recusant

Freedom Can Wait (The First Time) at Housefire

The Dirty Parts at The Legendary

Thank you for reading I Must Be Off! A special thank you to the people who've been here from the beginning and who come back regularly. And thank you to all the new folks. I'll be continuing with my epic Photopoem very very soon. It's a means to present my travel photos, and I hope you're enjoying it.

I must be off,


  1. Congratulations!!!!! You brave rejection so well and are so deserving of publishing success. I am forever a fan and thrilled to hear that the lucky 2011 rabbit is beginning hand his fortuitous paw over to you.

  2. Yes, congrats! It's hard out there for us writers and it's so nice to hear good stories about publishing achievements!


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