Sunday, February 13, 2011


Ginger for spice -- If you look closely you'll find a little heart.
Nelson Mandela Orchid for Peace
Don't ask me what this is. I'm going to call it a Dreamsicle and hope all your dreamsicles come true.

Edelweiss and Co. So rare it's protected by law. You're rare too.
Thistle for my Scottish mates
And whatever this is. Just love the light here.

A bouquet of sorts, just for you
Be yourself . .  . but be the center of attention.
One can get lost in the crowd.
Here are ten pots to shovel some love into. I'm pretty sure those flowers are fake.

Happy Valentine's Day, pretty reader! I'm overwhelmed by icky icky love for you today. I hope you enjoy all the flowers and my sentimental blatherings. They come straight from the bottom of my camera to the squishy places in your heart.

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I must be off,