Three is the beginning of art and God.
Three isn't really a crowd,
but there is strength in Threes. Meheheheheheheh.

Three to the top

Three to the bottom
Two and me make Three.
(This picture took me forever to take. I wanted to stomp on these stupid little birds to make them sit there and have their picture taken. You'd think they'd have appreciated my effort. But nooooooooo. Birdbrains. Three little birdbrains:  Sheesh Sheesh and Sheesh.)
Ah. Three reminders that life is various and floaty.
And a trio of warbling coconuts to remind me to sing.


  1. Three cheers for such an adorable blog! :)


    That's the hippiest I've been for a while. And it's all for you, m'dear.

  2. I am loving these numerically calibrated posts! Can't WAIT to see what you do with 100.

    P.S. Love the mug shot!

  3. looking forward to Four already....

  4. Well I know it took more than just those three swallows to carry those coconuts...

    LOVE the pic of you and the two carved faces *snicker*

    I have a book title waiting for a story: Two is Company, Three is a Murder (referring to a murder of crows... and a murder murder, I mean...)


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