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The Best Way to See London

Art along the Thames PathIf you read my “Quest for Spring” post last year, you’ll remember that I found precious little spring but I did run into Richard Quest. This year my quest for spring took about five minutes. London’s in bloom this year, everywhere. Since Lufthansa upped its prices, I’ve been flying into London […]

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Madeira — Evergreen and Glossy

Since I returned from Madeira on Tuesday night, my mother has asked me where Madeira is several times. “Where were you again?” “Madeira.” “I’ve never heard of that. How do you spell that?” “I’ve told you five times, so I know you’ve heard of the island at least five times. M A D E I […]

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Carnival in Berlin?

Ah, clowns. Aren’t they funny? We were supposed to be in Brazil this week, but things sometimes turn out differently from the way you plan. It’s a long story that I’m sure you don’t . . . what? You want to hear it? Really? You’re going to what? Twist my arm until I tell it? […]

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