Have another Blog While I'm Gone!

Here I am again, pretty IMBO reader. But I'm not really here; I'm somewhere in British Columbia in a national park trying to feed the bears. Yet thanks to modern technology, I'm also here with you. How are you? You're looking, well, prettier than usual. Have you been stopping here every day?

Onward to our blog of the day. Glamour Granny Travels! The Glamour Granny's name is really Inka, and she runs one of the most interesting travel blogs I've bumped into. This German-born traveler has been EVERYWHERE, and she writes about her travels in a way that gets you there quick and keeps you there. She's informative, witty, real and entertaining. She accompanies her travel anecdotes with lots of great pictures. Swing by and have a virtual vacation with the Glamour Granny.

I must be off,


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