Have a Blog While I'm Gone

Hello, pretty IMBO reader! As you might have gathered from previous posts, if no planes have crashed or motorhomes run out of gas, I'm exploring the national parks of British Columbia right now--which means I'm probably not online. Probably. I am sort of obsessed, so I might try to find access.

While I'm gone, why not stop by one of my friends' blogs? A cracking idea, no? Let's start today with M.J. Nicholls blog Quiddity of Delusion. M.J. or "Mark" as I and his mother like to call him is a writer in Edinburgh. He writes unusual, innovative fiction and eloquent non-fiction. He also maintains a lively blog on his writing process. One of the things I like so much about his blog is his monthly "My month in Novels" post. Um, Mark reads a bit more than I do, so if you're looking for a good reading list, Mark--or M.J. as publishers like to call him--is your man.

I must be off (in fact I already am),


  1. Even though you won't see this thanks for a week or two, thanks. Or do I thank the you that wrote this post a few weeks ago? Or the future you reading it right now? Either way I'm blushing. And thanks.


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