Expat Author Interview with Foreign Flavours: a New Anthology from Writers Abroad

Today's interview is with a book. I know that's odd. Books don't normally talk, but this one took time out of its busy schedule to answer my questions. And to make things even more amazing, Foreign Flavours was born today--October 24. Talk about a prodigy. 

IMBO: Let's talk about talent. What exactly are you, Foreign Flavours?

Foreign Flavours: First, Christopher, thank you! I've been waiting all my life to speak to you. I'm a collection of stories written by 64 expat authors from around the world.

IMBO: All of the stories are written by expat writers? That's fascinating. What's the theme of the anthology?

Foreign Flavours: Glorious food! From exotic to simple, from moving to quirky. Fiction and creative non-fiction. I'm bursting with short, entertaining reads about food from all over the world. You might say I'm tasty. And spicy.

IMBO: I might say that. Actually, if I'm honest, FF, I've read all your stories already. I'm part of the group who made you.

Foreign Flavours: Really? That's kind of spooky. Are you my mother? Joke. So what'd you think of my stories? Give it to me straight, Christopher.

IMBO: I loved them. I'm a bit of a foodie myself, so I enjoy reading stories with exotic cuisine at the heart. I found the non-fiction incredibly informative and the fiction engaging.

Foreign Flavours: You're sweet. And adorable.

IMBO: Well, you're not the first to recognize this, but thank you. So I suppose you'd really like to be bought, right?

Foreign Flavours: Oh yes. I want to make oodles of money. But it's not for me; it's for The Book Bus. All the proceeds from me are going to The Book Bus, a registered charity whose aim it is to improve child literacy rates in Africa and South America. I'm thrilled to be able to bring the joy of reading to kids.

IMBO: That thrills me too, FF. I'm going to buy my copies tonight. Here's the link for anyone else who wants to join me. Great cause, lovely stories, polite--and oddly chatty--book. I'm not sure what could be better. If you're unable to buy the book (we all know times are tough), you could still share this post with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon. Anything you do to get the word out would be appreciated. Here's the link:

Foreign Flavours: a New Anthology from Writers Abroad

I must be off,


  1. Pleased to meet you in your final form, Foreign Flavours! I look forward to receiving my copy very soon. I hope lots of readers - couch travellers, 'real' travellers, expats, people interested in cultures different from their own, will buy you and enjoy the experience of the huge range of both flavours and writing styles which make you the wonderful book you are...

  2. Sounds like an interesting read for long winter nights ^^ is it going to be sold on Amazon?

  3. Interesting idea for an interview. I love the fact that the money is for a social cause.

  4. Sounds interesting- love the interview and makes me want to check out the book.

  5. Great interview IMBO. I'm ordering my copies today! Are those quinces in the picture? I tried Medea's recipe, (quince & pear dessert) that went with my story, and it was totally delish!

  6. Hi, Angela!
    No, those are actually lemons. On the Amalfi Coast, you eat these lemons whole with vinegar and honey. They were quite good--although most of the people traveling with me opted out of eating them whole.

    I can't wait to get my books. The stories are all very very good.

  7. Clever book! Fiction, non-fiction and recipes all in one - I've ordered mine already, licking my lips in anticipation.
    Enjoyed the interview too.

  8. Such a great idea and I love your idea of interviewing the book!

  9. I wholeheartedly endorse this product and ordered mine today!

  10. Oh, this looks great! I love the idea and the goal of it--will definitely share a link.

  11. Best book review ever! I'm intrigued by this book's witty personality and can't wait to get to know it better.

  12. Great book, great cause, well done Chris!

  13. a couch traveler now turned couch eater after this interview. thank you for that... :) actually this book will make the exact gift for another fellow coucher.


  14. Brilliant Chris, what a wonderful interview and a great subject!


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