Saturday, October 1, 2011

Free Photo Friday...on Saturday

Friday is here again. This is good news. The world hasn't ended. We haven't been sucked into a black hole. Blogger hasn't crashed. Wait, it's actually Saturday. I had some Publishing News to give you yesterday, so I moved Friday to Saturday this week (which does not make me superhuman). Saturdays are great too, though. Right? So much to be thankful for. Man. OK.

Here's my Free Photo Friday Photos (or my FPFPs)--on Saturday. Many of you have been begging for revealing photos of me--sickos. A particularly persistent troll-slash-spambot-slash-fanpest actually requested photos of me in one of my many, many itty-bitty swimsuits. Well, trollbot, they're out there if you look hard enough. My suggestion is that you come with me to Puerto Vallarta next year (if you're pretty). Put in the work and I'll put on the thong.

Until then, I've put together a montage of FACES. Sculpture, paintings, photos of photos. As usual, if you choose to swipe these photos (which is OK), all I ask in return for my overwhelming generosity and adorableness is that you give your readers the link to my blog. You could also lie to them and tell them I have revealing pictures of myself. I'll start with this mischievous tree face I discovered in Scotland. It's one of my favorite pictures, and I'm giving it to you.


Near Blarney, Ireland

A male belly-dancer on a cruise in Istanbul

In a Bangkok restaurant


An ad on Capri

Stanley Park, Vancouver

On the floor in Naples

The Turkish Riviera

In a London pub

An enormous picture of Shakespeare at The Globe

The Egyptians probably want this one back. It's at the Louvre

Sophie Scholl at Valhalla

This face makes me laugh uncontrollably. I'm a silly bunny at heart. I've worked off the double chin, so shut up.