Free Photo Friday...Famous Places

Ever needed a picture of The Eiffel Tower but you were afraid to swipe one from someone's website? Or what about the leaning tower of Pisa? People have all these pics of famous places, but they're stingy (and probably professional photographers). Not me. I'm sweet (and not professional). I'm giving you all of these pics below to do with as you will. You could Photoshop a smiley face on the Sphinx or squiggle in your own Nessie in the Loch. The sky air up there? It's just air. Get to it. Just remember: Give your readers the link to my blog.

You're not reading anymore, are you? You're looking at the pics. That's OK. Who am I talking to? I must be off, but you can stick around for a while...

Spooky. Old Faithful above looks like the Gherkin in London.

This is my picture of Nessie. Yeah, OK, it's a boat. But I did see her.

And then with the Mother Ship

The most helpful spire in the world.

Does this building look unfinished, or is it just me?


  1. I despaired of my cliche shots until I posted them, loud & proud - only to find my readers LOVED them!! But is the 'high things' theme running through your great shots above accidental? Or am I just imagining it??!!

    1. Hey, Red! How embarrassing that I missed your comment. Yes, there is a 'high' theme here! Hope you're doing well. :)

  2. You ARE sweet to pass these along to the rest of us, Chris! It's reassuring to know they're here when we need them. But, of course, I love to simply view the photos as well. Thanks for being so generous! A smiley face on the Sphinx . . . Hmm - hadn't thought of that. But now that you mention it . . .


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