Flying Home for the Holidays

I'm packing. Not much, since I have clothes, mouthwash and reading material at my parents'. In fact, let's say I'm not packing. All I need is my passport, my e-ticket and my wallet. The carry-on bag is just for show. It's good that it's so light, though: Due to my shoulder injury, I can't lift anything heavier than a toothpick over my head. Why I would want to lift a toothpick over my head, I don't know.

Since the 2009 United Airlines fiasco with my luggage, I don't travel to the US with checked bags. My carry-on bag weighs about one pound and contains 1) a Mackinac Island hoodie, 2) my toiletries and 3) a Christmas present for my parents from my mother-out-law.

Storms are forecast for Munich tomorrow, so I hope all goes as planned. But you know, when it comes to travel, you simply have to roll with the punches, be inventive, stay calm and carry on.

Speaking of rolling with the punches, have a look at An Innocent E-Visa Fiasco, published yesterday by Airplane Reading.

Shoulder mending. Slowly.

I must be off,


  1. you have the problem of shoulder injury. due to that felling you are unable to carry your things. expect e-ticket and passport, and every thing is available with your parents Thanks your blog is good tourist destinations

  2. Happy Holidays, safe travels, and many well wishes for the mending shoulder.


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