Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pain in the Rotator Cuff of the Broad-Smiling Boy

Who would have known writing a blog post could be painful? Right now--so I won't forget this in ten years--writing this blog post is shooting waves of pain through my collarbone. I just rubbed my neck muscles for a few minutes to ease the pain, but as soon as I started writing again, the pain started back. My doctor has told me that I need to stop using the computer for THREE MONTHS. I've had an inflamed rotator cuff for the last two months, and it's not going away quickly enough. The doctor wants me to completely rest my left shoulder--with the exception of the prescribed exercises from my physical therapist, Brigitte (sweet woman). I'm devastated. But I'm also in so much pain. Today, a woman brushed by me on the tram, pushing roughly against my shoulder. I fell to the floor--screaming in pain. It was truly embarrassing, so I'm not sure why I'm sharing it here. A man asked me if I needed a doctor. I told him I already had several.

This might be the last blog post I write for a while--which is depressing. I enjoy this blog. I Must Be Off! is my life in a nutshell.

I promised to let people know about the publication of "Pru in the Dimple of the Broad-Smiling Boy" at Gone Lawn Journal. It's out now. I hope you'll stop by Gone Lawn and read the story.  

I must be off,


Christopher Allen is the author of Conversations with S. Teri O'Type (a Satire).