Monday Reader -- Reading Worth a Read

Imagine you're sitting on this bench in Central Park and enjoy this Monday's reads. Um, imagine you have cushion too. 

Literary Reads

Today I'm beginning with Marcus Speh's post A Week on the Far Side of the Moon. Marcus knows social networking like his vest pocket and writes about it brilliantly. This post is well worth the attention of a Monday reader.

Jincy Willett's review of Henry Alford's Would it Kill You to Stop Doing That?

Martha Williams asks the question Why Do We Write (letters)? Lovely post. Her children are so lucky.

Dan Powell's story "Soiled" appears in Friction Issue 4. Read it HERE. And his story "The Man Who Lived Liked a Tree" HERE.

M.J. Nicholls must read 24 hours a day. Here's his January in novels PART I and PART II. Lord bless his eyes.

Travel Reads

Robin Graham writes about a hidden bar in Granada.

Andy Higgs interviews himself about his trip to Prora, Rugen, a seaside resort begun but never completed by the Nazis. Excellent article. Very informative.


The Positive Light People's Choice Finalists


  1. Thanks for the plug. I do eat, don't worry. I eat the books when I've read them.

  2. Thanks for the reads. I actually have a picture of myself sitting on that bench.

  3. hi, i only found this now when browsing your lovely site (still new to me, i still discover stuff) and so, thank you so much! i've since returned from the far side of the moon, but i've gone out again to the stars and so on. it never stops, really. you know all about it, being off and so.

  4. Hey! Thank you for exploring me! I'd meant to post another Monday Reader this week with a link to "The Sentinel" but somehow blogger deleted the post--and it's problematic traveling right now. Hope you're doing well!


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