Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday Reader -- Reading Worth the Read

I was in Bilbao, Spain at the weekend. I'll be posting something about that later this week, but right now imagine that you are still in Bilbao--that you forgot to crawl back into my carry-on luggage--and you're resting your tired, aching legs on this bench-like chair. Oh, wait. You can't rest; you have to pedal. This bench is like a paddle boat that doesn't go anywhere. No matter. Click on these links and they'll take you to a few people who have something to celebrate. Congratulate them if you have time. Everyone loves a little love.

Great News from the Lit Blogs

Dan Powell has a story in The Best British Short Stories 2012

Tania Hershman's second short story collection will be published in the spring!

Joani (JP) Reese's first collection of poetry has sold out of its first printing!

Michelle Elvy has received a grant! Who doesn't love a grant?

After you've congratulated all these wonderful people, sit back and read about a couple of places you might want to go . . .

From the Travel Blogs

Whale Watching at Newport Beach by Ruth at Tanama Tales

Mardi Gras! from Glen Abbott (lots of pics)


Beautiful Pictures of Santorini taken by Diana at Just Wanderlust

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