Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Reader -- Reading Worth the Read

São Paulo isn't the most beautiful city in the world. I don't think anyone would disagree with this. With almost 11 million inhabitants, the city has its urban problems. There are, however, almost 40 parks in this sprawling monster. Imagine you've been wandering the streets of a gigantic beast of a city all day when you happen upon a grand park--only the second largest in the city actually--where thousands of joggers, walkers and and cyclists are getting away from their own monsters. You find this bench and you rest. It's shady and cool. You need a few moments of Spain, to the Grand Canyon and to Australia. I hope you enjoy these three excellent travel posts. 

From the Travel Blogs!

Top 10 Bars in Seville by travel writer and photographer Robin Graham

Even if you're not planning a trip to Seville, you'll want to read Robin's take on the tapas bars of Seville. Hop over to The Expeditioner and give Robin a few thumbs-up for this great read.

A Night in Grand Canyon Caverns Suite by Danish travel blogger Renè Frederiksen

I was enthralled by this article. Renè gives us lots of pictures, lots of information, and two videos--one of which is an interview on American TV. One of the best--fullest--travel posts I've seen in a while.

Red Nomad OZ from Amazing Australian Adventures interviews Diane from the blog Adventure Before Dimentia. The interview is witty, fun and informative. If you're planning a trip to Western or South OZ, you'll find this one a fun and helpful read. Go HERE to read the interview.

And! If you haven't already read my interview at Tanama Tales, by all means stop by and comment. You'll feel prettier if you do. 

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