Monday Reader -- Reading Worth the Read

Such a great line-up of reads this week. All these links have something to inspire, thrill and challenge you. I hope you'll have a seat on this bench near London Bridge along the Thames and browse through these links. Imagine that you've just walked two hours all the way from Canary Wharf and that your legs are throbbing--but your mind is going wild. You're ready for a little stimulation. Well, I've got it for you.  

Flash Fiction Friday: Numbers

This is such a great, professionally produced radio/internet radio show focused on flash fiction. Robert Vaughan is the king of flash. This time on FFF, Tony Van Hart speaks about his process, and Robert Vaughan reads Joseph Quintela. 

Are We Horrible?

A great blog post by Martha Williams about online relationships. Her response to my response in the comments is grand. I loved this (honestly).

Spring Things to Do

This post is golden. Marcus Speh reveals his spring resolutions in his usual grand way. This is great reading.

Michele Collet's "7 Incredible Drowned Churches"

This photo-essay is amazing. Click through these pics. Definitely incredible. 

Walk off the Earth

You HAVE TO SEE this youtube video! I love this song, and I love this cover. This is beyond beautiful.

And this Interview with Walk off the Earth

This interview is so inspiring. These guys have been working for years, so give them some support. They're very very good.


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