Friday, March 9, 2012

Street Art in Brazil

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Wherever I am, I take pictures of street art--South Tyrol, Bali, New York City, Nice--but there's no place on earth where the street art is more developed than in Brazil. As I was taking these pictures, I felt as if I were walking through the largest museum in the world. Rio de Janeiro, the world's first museum of street art. Every surface--facades, sidewalks, walls, fuse boxes, garage doors, benches, lampposts--is the street artist's canvas.

Of course this sort of art is controversial. Without a permit, it's illegal. There are people--probably a lot of people--who think street art makes a city uglier. These folks should ask Berlin how much money the Eastside Gallery makes every year.

Rio can be ugly for so many reasons, but not because of its street art. I was amazed by the talent, the wit and the passion that go into many of these pieces. I was struck by the relative anonymity of it. The average tourist is never going to know who painted them. Poking around on the internet has given me the names of a couple of artists. When I saw their unique work I was eager to share it.

And these from Sao Paolo . . .

If you want to see more Brazilian street art, go HERE and HERE. And if you are the artist who created any of these pieces, forgive me for not putting your name to them. If you'd like your name here, please let me know.

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