Monday Reader -- Reading Worth the Read

M.J. Nicholls
Mondays are like Sundays to me, so that's why I'm posting this Monday Reader on Sunday. I don't teach on Mondays, so I have the whole day to write  . . . and read. This Monday--or Sunday to you--I'm browsing through M.J. Nicholls' month of March in books. He's the only person I know who reads so much he has to divide his "month in books" posts into two parts. Nicholls is like the Stephen King of readers. It's hard to believe he's really reading all those books himself. Maybe he has a team of readers working for him?

You might remember M.J. Nicholls from my post about our prize-winning collaborative absurdo-surrealist romp "Christmas 'Neath the Bridge of Sighs". Although we've known each other for years, we only had the chance to meet in person a couple of years ago when I was visiting Edinburgh with my father. Read that story HERE.

Nicholls' micro book reviews are fine-tuned, insightful and indispensable for those of us who don't have the patience and time to go looking for books. You can search his site to find his reviews of just about any book you can imagine--truly: it's scary--but I'll give you the links to his "My Month in Books" posts for just the first three months of this year.

I must be off (to get new reading glasses),

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