This is a test of the IMBO System. This is only a test.

Recently when I was home visiting my adorable parents (and beating them at Scrabble), I heard, for the first time in decades, that test of the emergency broadcasting system. I also heard the emergency storm warning tone. The devastating drought was giving way to a storm system of even more devastating magnitude. So this gave me an idea.

If this had been an actual IMBO emergency, I would have been running for the hills (i.e. I wouldn't have written this post at all). Seriously. All joking and annoying Emergency Broadcasting tones aside, some readers have told me that the bottoms of the posts (down there) are cut off by the homepage pictures. It's not happening to everyone. Apparently, if you use Safari, you're immune (i.e. that bomb shelter you paid so much for is a very expensive pantry now. Hey, you could make a wine cellar out of it!). What about the bottom to this post? Do you see the comments and the share buttons? Would you like to test them? If you don't see them, could you try reloading this page? Do you see them now? And would you like to test them? Just kidding. I would love to hear whether or not they show up, though. Big things are happening in the next few weeks, so I'd like to get this bug fixed as soon as possible. I appreciate your help. I must be off, Christopher


  1. Dave Dave Dave Dave DaveJuly 13, 2012 at 7:39 PM

    Testing, one two, one two . . .

  2. Christopher Allen's Left TesticleJuly 13, 2012 at 7:40 PM


  3. I'm using Google Chrome, and seeing it all (of course, if Blogger didn't work with Chrome, they'd be in trouble anyway ;o) Cheers my dear, ~Bex


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