A Half Year in Wacky Signs 2012

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This is my favorite sign this year. It's on all the rubbish bins on the Thames Path in London. For the longest time--forever and ever really--I've wondered where people throw their used, filthy stars away. And now I know. 

On the train into Stockholm. Is this not the most gruesome sign you've ever seen? Feet? This person doesn't even have feet. Or arms! But the strangest thing about this sign is that it's demonstrating exactly what it's saying you shouldn't do. OK, maybe it means you should have your feet amputated before you ride the train. I don't know.
This has to be the worst hyphenation I've ever-seen. Who at Aer Lingus was the idiot who thought "check it" would ever-ever-ever be hyphenated? Boo.

Oh, I'm just including this one because we referred to the currency in Sweden as Smorrebrod the entire time we were there. Because we're silly. Silly silly us. How many Smorrebrod did that sausage cost? That sort of thing.

Can you count the mistakes on this sign? Lordy Lordie Lordee. In New York City.

I love this sign. So true. I heart NYC.

Can we say trademark infringement? I can. And I'm a member of "News from Jack." On Crete.

This sign makes a bold statement. Nothingness is large, brown and rectangular. Also on Crete.

Why don't the makers of these signs ask a native speaker before they print them? Non-native speakers of English always have a problem with "economic" and "economical" (or reasonable in this context). Ibiza.

Is it? Really? If it is, then I would like a trip around the world please. Right now. It's my right.

House of Love? Hmmm.

On the promenade between Heringsdor and Ahlbeck on Usedom (Baltic Sea). When we say "hmm" in English, we mean something is making us wonder or speculate. The correct sound here is "Mmm" isn't it? Hmmm.

Somewhere in Northern Italy. Is it wrong of me to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS take a picture of this sign? And was it right for me to split that infinitive. Hmmm.

I must be off,



  1. Love the commentary about these fun and quirky signs. How have I missed the Thames Path trash bins signs? I don't have an opinion on the split infinitive, but it is most definitely wrong to keep taking photos of the "No Photos" sign. Keep doing it, anyway.

    1. Hi, Cathy! I think the rubbish bins are mostly outside the city, in the Hamlets, going towards Canary Wharf. Yeah, I can't resist taking photos of "No Photos" signs. It's like forbidden fruit.

  2. Love these posts! The star bin is my favourite. A whole universe in the trash.

  3. I know! My question is, just how dirty does a star have to be before you throw it away? I have some pretty dirty stars, but I always think, "Hmmm, it'll be good for one more day."

  4. Hahaha! I'm a sucker for off-key travel signs, and these are great!! But don't try to not ever split infinitives (or use double negatives) - one of the most seminal phrases of our time is a split infinitive. 'To boldly go' just wouldn't work as 'to go boldly', would it?!?!


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