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For Cyber Monday I have slashed the price of Conversations with S. Teri O'Type to 9.84 dollars, 6.18 pounds or 7.67 euros. That's almost 5 dollars off the book. That's crazy, I know. It's cyber madness!! But wait! I have decided to keep the price low for the entire month of December so that you have a chance to get the book at the reduced price for Christmas. That's a ho-ho-ho lot of savings! And they say I'm not a salesman. pshaw.

BUY IT HERE . . . please.

But wait again (you might as well pull up a chair and take off your shoes)! There are other ways to get a copy. If you are on Goodreads, you can enter to win a free copy. The giveaway ends on December 11. Click HERE, scroll down to "Enter to win" and follow the instructions.

If you live in Europe, I have four signed copies left. If you are interested and you use PayPal, send me a private message to and I'll send you a signed copy for 14 euros.

I must be off,


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