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A Bang and a Smoke — AWP Seattle 2014

It was one of those nights. I hadn’t slept in 72 hours, and I had to read at an event miles away from the convention center. AWP Seattle 2014. I wasn’t sure how this night would end up. Would anyone come? So far removed from the action? Would I fall asleep on stage? Would I […]

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New Story at Camroc Press Review

Today, my story “Samuel is Mango” is featured at Camroc Press Review. Many thanks to Barry Basden for running the story. As with many of my stories, this one came out of staring at people in a public place, which happened to be in Boston last year at AWP. I’ve been told to stop staring, […]

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The Wine Road Less Traveled

I’ve walked down a lot of them, let me tell you. The Weinstraße/Route du Vin/Wine Road in Alsace is my favorite; but I’ve also done the Mosel, spent a day in New Zealand’s Marlborough region and a week in the Aconcagua Valley in Chile, floated past the vineyards of the Douro river in Portugal, driven […]

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