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Crazy Irish Life

I have a crazy life. A crazy wonderful life. Full of surprises. Good ones. Awful ones. And everything in between. Maybe I should stop being so surprised by the loops I’m thrown for, the curveballs I’m thrown–the throes. Aw, hell no. I love surprises. So Dublin here I come. Yep. Who’d have ever thought it? […]

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Punches are Here to Teach You How to Roll

Of all Life’s lessons, I think I keep repeating the one entitled Punches are Here to Teach You How to Roll. I have been punched before (Rio de Janeiro, Paris). I’ve also been caught in a neck hold and thrown to a cement floor (Nice, France). My life has been threatened (Munich, Rio)–more than once […]

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Two Reviews at Necessary Fiction Today!

Well, if you haven’t been keeping up with recent events on Facebook, you won’t have heard about my emergency appendectomy last week when I was visiting my parents in the US. And of course it happened just a few hours before I was scheduled to fly back to Munich. I’ll be writing a separate post […]

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