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All Things Irish — Oscar Wilde and Irish Potatoes

The potato is very high in potassium. Did you know that? You wouldn’t think it, would you? But it’s true. One of the many happy by-products of doing this All Things Irish series is all the other stuff I’ve been learning. Did you know the white potato is a tuber while the sweet potato is […]

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All Things Irish

Picture actually taken in Scotland, but hey.Over the last few weeks I’ve become increasingly more worried that I don’t know jack about my new home, so I’ve decided to become better acquainted with all things Irish. This is a bit of a change from my usual approach to travel and new places. Usually I just […]

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At Home in Dublin

Disclaimer: I cut the tip off my left Birdie finger while cooking breakfast on Sunday morning in Dublin, so it’s all wrapped up now and creating a very “stiff” typing experience for me. Don’t rag me on the typos. Apart from dicing a digit with the onions, Dublin is great fun. Our TV now works, […]

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