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Plain Etiquette — Lessons from a Wise Sky

Plane etiquette should actually be called plain etiquette. The way we treat people on planes is the way we treat people. Period. Plain and simple. Recently I’ve seen several posts and videos about passengers behaving badly on planes: people clipping their toenails, people sleeping with their bare feet stuck into the air above the person […]

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Literature — The Irish Way

You’d be surprised what a few hours of browsing the tourist shops in Dublin will doto igniteyourenthusiasm forIrish history, culture and the various uses for sheep. There’s so much green, for example, and not so much orange. Why is that? Why is the harp a symbol of Ireland? What do all those Celtic signs mean? […]

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New Story at Contrary Magazine

I’m a big fan of Glee maybe because I never had that experience as a teenager but should have. A year ago at a writers conference in Seattle I was talking about how I sob during almost every Glee episode when another writer turned to me and said “So do I”–so I guess I’m not […]

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