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Traveling with Sweeney — an Interview with the judge of the 2015 I Must Be Off! Travel Essay Contest

IMBO: Cathy, it’s so gracious of you to take time out of your crazy travel schedule to talk. Where are you off to next? Thanks, Chris. I’m headed to Italy next week with my mysterious husband/co-blogger Mr. TWS (as he’s affectionately known on our blog). I fell in love with Italy on my first visits […]

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Newgrange on a Soggy Irish Day

The windows of the shuttle bus are steamed up with the morning breath of tourists. There’s a mildewy cloud around the guy sitting across from us. He probably left his rain jacket wadded up in his backpack. It’s more than drizzling outside, not the best day for sightseeing. Despite the weather, there’s excited chatter everywhere […]

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