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From Kilkenny to Killarney

Kilbarron, Kilbeggan, Kilbride, Kilcarragh. Kilcommon, Kildalkey, Kildare, Kildorrery. Kilfithmone, Kilgarriff, Kilkee, Kildeedy. Ah, Kilkenny! I know that one. Wow, there are a lot of Kils in Ireland. Stupid me thought “Kil” might have something to do with a kiln, but of course that’s wrong. It’s Gaelic for church or cell–and from my reading I assume […]

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Twenty-Year Anniversary

Das Rathaus in M├╝nchenTwenty years ago today, I landed in Munich with one very awkward old suitcase, three job interviews (the same day with jetlag) and my cocker spaniel, Bodie. It was a beautiful, sunny day–the first day of June 1995. It’s a good thing I moved to Munich in summer; if I’d arrived here […]

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