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Is South Africa Safe?

I was apprehensive. When I told folks I was going camping in a motorhome for three weeks in South Africa, the first question they asked–always–was do you think that’s safe? It made such an impression on me that I actually broke my rule about being totally ignorant of the place and did a bit of […]

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Kaleidoscope — Writers Abroad Anthology 2015

Did you know that 2015 is the year of LIGHT? Well, it is. And Writers Abroad, a group of talented expat writers, have just published their 2015 anthology on the theme of light. All of the stories and poems are written by writers who are living, or who have lived, in another country. As you […]

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Publishing News

If you haven’t already popped by these wonderful places, I hope you will. I’m grateful to have been included in these journals: Literary Orphans — “The Ground Above My Feet” For at least a few years now, I’ve been thinking about fathers, not necessarily my own father but maybe myself as father or non-father. This […]

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