• Other Household Toxins (Matter Press), available on or directly from the publisher HERE
  • "Target Practice" forthcoming in The Best Small Fictions 2019 (originally published in Chicago Literati, republished in Other Household Toxins). 
  • "What if All the Oceans" forthcoming September 23 in Gone Lawn Journal
  • "When We Feng-shuied Sebastian" in Ghost Parachute
  • "How to Love Your Child Without Your Neighbor Reporting You to Child Services" reprinted in Ellipsis Five, originally published at Lunch Ticket. Coming Soon. 
  • "Blood Brother" in Issue 4 of Longleaf Review, long-listed by wigleaf
  • "How to Shop after the Death of Your Brother" in Split Lip Magazine
  • "How to Dream" Issue 6, Hypnopomp Magazine
  • "Samuel is Mango" (originally published in Camroc Press Review) forthcoming in Ripening, the UK National Flash Fiction Day Anthology!
  • "How to Go Blind" at Literary Orphans
  • "Interrupted" finalist for the Rash Award from Broad River Review and in the journal as well
  • "A Living Room" in Bath Flash Fiction's second anthology, The Lobsters Run Free


Other Household Toxins (Matter Press)

Conversations with S. Teri O'Type (a Satire), out of print as of November 2014 but signed copies are still available. Contact me at

Flash Fiction

The Goldilocks Zone in New Flash Fiction Review
How to Love Your Child Without Your Neighbor Reporting You to Child Services in Lunch Ticket
What Strangers Do at [PANK] with audio
The Microbiology of Laiq at Jellyfish Review and nominated for the Pushcart Prize
To Carry Her Home in To Carry Her Home, the Bath Flash Fiction Anthology Vol I
Four Cubits Make a Man -- FIVE:2:ONE
Census-- FIVE:2:ONE
A Practiced Silence -- longlisted in the Reflex Fiction competition, spring 2017 
A Knack for Dying -- FIVE:2:ONE
The Guy I Used to Date in FRiGG (the Shame Issue) 
What I Need to Tell the People on the Train in FRiGG (the Shame Issue)
FUK the Police in (b)OINK in January 2017
My Boy Winston in Blue Fifth Review fall issue 2016 
Target Practice at Chicago Literati 
Everything We Had in The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts  
Everything that Matters in Life and Death in Jersey Devil Press (April 2016)
Wile E. at r.kv.r.y quarterly literary journal (January 1, 2016)  
The Ground Above My Feet in Literary Orphans Issue 20 (August 12, 2015)
Other Household Toxins in Night Train. (print)
When Susan Died the First Time in Indiana Review, Summer 2014 (print)
His Candle Bright, My Fickle Flesh in The Linnet's Wings Summer 2015 (print)
Death of Man--an Exhibition as part of Meg Tuite's Exquisite Duet at JMWW
Out and Away in Quiddity 8.1 spring 2015 (print) 
Sisters at The Miscreant
Green Graffiti at Litro Magazine (March 27, 2015)
Dothead at Spelk Fiction (March 1, 2015)
Drown This Way at Cease, Cows (February 17, 2015)
Samuel is Mango at Camroc Press Review
We Don't Stop at Balderplatz at Prime Number Magazine
The Birds in the Gate at Apeiron Review Issue 5, January 2014
Providence at Pure Slush, December 2013
Beyond the Fences at Flash Frontier, October 2013
The Raging, Melting Space Between at Apocrypha and Abstractions in September 2013
Powerless at Flash Frontier, April 2013
Flight at Flash Frontier in the great company of many great voices in flash fiction, October 2012.
Three-handed Bridge at 52l520, a Year of Flash
The Rising at Kaffe in Katmandu 
A Clown's Lips at Ginosko Literary Journal -- Winner of the 2015 Ginosko Literary Journal Flash Fiction Award!
One for Rainbow at Change Seven (October 1, 2015)
When Chase Prays Chocolate at SmokeLong Quarterly (Issue 36, June 2012), chosen to appear in SmokeLong Quarterly's tenth anniversary The Best of the First Ten Years. And also nominated for the Pushcart Prize.
Harry in the Dark at Feathertale
The Bee at Crack the Spine -- also in the Winter 2014 anthology! You can buy it HERE.
The Man Who Can't Be Moved in Barcode from Pure Slush, available now. 
This Baring Daylight, Prime Number Magazine, Issue 37.3 (June 2013), One of three stories to win the Association of Writers and Writing Programs HEAT flash fiction contest.
A Bridge Between in the December issue of Blue Five Notebook Series at Blue Fifth Review.
The Shop Between the Prophets and the Sea in Lost in Thought: Issue 3 (October 2012)
The Shoes, The Girl and The Waves that Washed Them Away at Blue Five Notebook (nominated for the Pushcart Prize) in Blue Fifth Review.
Husk of Hare at Referential Magazine with original art by Jennifer Noel Bower and audio by Marcus Speh.
Furniture at Blue Five Notebook Series, the blue collection 2: music (Summer 2012 / 12.19) Blue Fifth Review!
Triangulation at A-Minor  Nominated for Best of the Net! Thank you to editor Nicolette Wong!
A story (sorry, I can't tell you which one) in Stripped, A Collection of Anonymous Flash. Print.
The Number 4 at Pure Slush and at Kaffe in Katmandu (Dec 21, 2011)
The Pain Taster at Kaffe in Katmandu. Also read by Robert Vaughan on Flash Fiction Fridays and included in the anthology of the same name. (print)
The Wishing at Full of Crow
Pretty at Metazen
The Whiter Places at Cazart Short Stories and Flash Fiction (first place in April 2012)
The Readers in Car 103 at Flash Fire 500 and back at the station at TrainWrite
Wuv Me, Tender at Near to the Knuckle
...and Counting at Every Day Fiction

Short Fiction

Father-Son Activity -- The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature (May 31, 2017)
The Air Between Us at Juked (October 2016)
My Little Cuckoos in the fall 2016 issue of Literal Latté, Third Place in the Literal Latté Fiction Awards
Fred's Massive Sorrow in Eclectica Magazine 19.4 and forthcoming in Eclectica Magazine's 20th Anniversary Best of Speculative Anthology! Nominated by Eclectica for the storySouth Million Writers Award!
Fences at Exeter Writers (Third place in the Exeter Writers Short Story Competition)
Box of Nazi at Contrary fall 2014 / winter 2015
Red Toy Soldier Winner of The Smoking Poet's Third Annual Short Story Contest
"At the Deathbed of William Fear: the Wife, the Priest, the Lover and a Dog" at Pure Slush in five parts in September 2013 -- HERE
A Simple Recipe in Foreign Flavours: a Writers Abroad Anthology out October 24, 2011! All proceeds go to help The Book Bus, a registered charity whose aim it is to increase child literacy in the developing world. Print (but Kindle is coming)
The Language at The Recusant
Freedom Can Wait (The First Time) at HOUSEFIRE
Nothing Between Us at Wildnerness House Literary Review
Hunger in Writers Abroad Anthology of Expat Stories in support of National Short Story Week. (print)
Christmas 'Neath the Bridge of Sighs (cowritten with M.J. Nicholls) Winner of the Strange Circle Magazine Story contest. Strange Circle Magazine
The Dirty Parts  at The Legendary
Three Conversations with Steve the Optimist(ic Therapist) at HOUSEFIRE
Come for a Cleansing at Ruthless Peoples Magazine This is quite a disturbing piece, so please don't let your children read it.
Inferno at Used Furniture Review by Meg Tuite, Amber Sparks, Sam Rasnake and Christopher Allen
Maggie's Setlist in Furrow Magazine (print) written with M.J. Nicholls

Creative Non-Fiction

Foreword to Kaleidoscope, Writers Abroad Anthology 2015
A Time (not) to Write in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers (May 2013)
How to Do Fine in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Positive (October 2012)
My Parents' Worth in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times, Tough People
Munich to Merano and Back at Bootsnall Travel
Obama: A European Perspective in Barack H. Obama: Vision to Victory
Coming Home at Connotation Press.
Listening to My Body in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping the New You
My Ego Speak Portuguese One Day at The Short Humour Site and the first story in the 2011 anthology People of Few Words Volume 3.

Book Reviews

Beautiful Ape Girl Baby by Heather Fowler: a Review by Christopher Allen at Necessary Fiction
Not Dark Yet by Berit Ellingsen, a Review by Christopher Allen at The Lit Pub
Age of Blight by Kristine Ong Muslim, a Review by Christopher Allen at Necessary Fiction
Haints Stay by Colin Winnette--Reviewed by Christopher Allen at The Lit Pub
The Secret Games of Words by Karen Stefano--Reviewed by ChristopherAllen at Necessary Fiction
A Kind of Dream by Kelly Cherry--Reviewed by Christopher Allen at Blue Five Notebook Series (Blue Fifth Review)
Doll Palace by Sara Lippmann (Dock Street Press) at Necessary Fiction
Coyote by Colin Winnette--Reviewed by Christopher Allen at Necessary Fiction
Where Alligators Sleep by Sheldon Lee Compton--Reviewed by Christopher Allen at Fiction Southeast (November 29, 2014)
Young Skins by Colin Barrett (Sting Fly Press) at Necessary Fiction
Things to Make and Break by May-Lan Tan (CB Editions 2014) at [PANK]
The Merrill Diaries by Susan Tepper (Pure Slush Books) at Black Heart Magazine
The Shimmering Go-Between by Lee Klein (Atticus Books 2014) at Word Riot
Together We Can Bury It by Kathy Fish (LitPub, 2014) at Books at Fictionaut
Looking out of Broken Windows by Dan Powell (Salt Publishing, 2014) at The Lit Pub
Fondly by Colin Winnette (Atticus Books, 2013) at Metazen
Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett (Thomas Dunne Books, 2013) at Metazen
Toolbooth by Bud Smith (Createspace, 2013) at Metazen
The Same Terrible Storm by Sheldon Lee Compton (Foxhead Books, 2012) at Books at Fictionaut
Blood a Cold Blue by James Claffey (Press 53, 2013) at Books at Fictionaut
Thank You for Your Sperm by Marcus Speh Birkenkrahe (MadHat Press, 2013) at Metazen
Gears by Alex Pruteanu (Independent Talent Group, 2013) at Books at Fictionaut
Three Squares a Day with Occasional Torture by Julie Innis (Foxhead Books, 2012) at Metazen
The Sinking of the RMS Tayleur by Gill Hoffs (Pen and Swords Books, 2013) at I Must Be Off! 
Kino by Jürgen Fauth (Atticus Books, 2012) at Books at Fictionaut
The Night Rainbow by Claire King (Bloomsbury, 2013) at Books at Fictionaut
Beneath the Liquid Skin by Berit Ellingsen (FirthForth Books, 2012) at Metazen

Chapbook Reviews

Dead Letters by JP Reese (Červená Barva Press, 2013) at Metazen
Microtones by Robert Vaughan (Červená Barva Press, 2013) Books at Fictionaut


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