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Bunt! Color! Free Photo Friday...on Saturday!

Today at I Must Be Off! I'm feeling colorful, so I want to celebrate it and share it with you. Wherever I travel around this wonderful world, I'm amazed by color. What a gift. I'm serious about that--no sarcasm or humor there. These photographs remind me that the world needs variety to exist (that's a fact; you can look it up if you want). We need a range of opinions, beliefs and even hairstyles to make the world go round.

The German word bunt means colorful or many-colored. I don't know why, but the importance of eine bunte Welt--a many-colored world--has been on my mind the past few days. Here are my pictures on this theme. As always, take them. They're yours. If you use them, I'd appreciate your mentioning I Must Be Off! but I won't come running after you--unless you're really slow.

Paper globes in Bangkok. I would have taken them all with me if I'd had room.
Beads in Istanbul
A sacrificial offering on Bali
Flowers outside a pub along the Thames in London
Beads at the Stables Market in London. The salesman was really angry that I took this picture. Hmmmm.
Picante! A market in South Tyrol
The Eastside Gallery in Berlin

Art in a small town on the Mosel. I was drinking too much Riesling to remember the name.
I must be off,

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