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Call for Submissions -- >Language >Place Blog Carnival

In January, I'll be hosting Edition 13 of the >Language >Place Blog Carnival! The theme this time is Humor, and I'm looking forward to blog post submissions from lots of my hysterical friends (in the humorous sense of hysterical of course, but I'll take submissions from my seriously wacked out friends as well).

We all know that humour is the hardest part of language to translate. What’s your experience? How ìs humour bound to place and language? Your submission could be humorously philosophical, philologically ridiculous, topographically ironic, humoro-topographical (yeah, I made that one up) or just silly. If you write humour, SUBMIT! If you just think you’re funny, SUBMIT! If your mother has told you you’re funny, SUBMIT! You can submit a blog post, photos, poetry, limericks (well, maybe not limericks).

As always, a wide range of contributions is welcome, for example: essays and stories that relate to the theme of language and place; travelogues, reflections on bilingual living, (mis)understandings, and encounters with other languages are welcome. Submissions are open from December 1 to January 8--during which time I'll be having a wisdom tooth sawed out of my mouth, so you'd better make me laugh! Edition #13 is planned for mid-January.

Go HERE for the submission guidelines.

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