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Travel Writing Competition

Seventh Annual I Must Be Off! Travel Writing Competition

Deadline for entries: 16/01/2020
Entry cost: $3.00

We want to hear about that place that changed you, that travel experience that affected you. Share your travel moment with us by entering the 2019 I Must Be Off! Travel Writing competition--in its seventh year. Guidelines: -- Word Limit: 1000 words -- Deadline for entries: December 31, 2019 (extended to January 15, 2020!) -- Entries must be in English but may include phrases from non-Anglo languages. -- Non-fiction, fiction, and poetry will be considered as long as the theme is travel or the piece has a strong sense of place. -- Previously unpublished works only! Posts on personal blogs are eligible but must be removed during the competition and for three months thereafter if published at I Must Be Off! -- Multiple entries are considered but must be entered individually. -- Proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation to the best of your ability. -- Please remove your name from the entry. The competition judge will read the entries blind. If you do not remove your name, it will be manually removed before it is sent to the judge. -- The decision of the judge is final and is in no way influenced by the curator of I Must Be Off! -- All entries must be received through the entry form at I Must Be Off! To access this form, click on ENTER THIS COMPETITION below. If you have problems entering this competition, please contact Christopher at christopher@imustbeoff.com

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