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At the moment I'm hosting TWO contests. You might have heard about the contest at this blog. Here is the LINK to that one, and there is only one more week to enter! It's a travel essay contest with monetary prizes and books to win. It's fairly easy to enter, but I would like to stress again that I can't accept docx files due to odd and irritating computer problems at the moment. See, my computer crashed a couple of months ago. I sent it to the garage to be repaired, and when it came back it was sort of worse than before. My laptop doesn't have any wordprocessing software on it, and my iPad--although it accepts docx files--is not compatible with the provider that makes this blog possible. Oh well. Life can only get better. Right? Until then, please enter the TRAVEL ESSAY CONTEST, but please send me a garden-variety Word doc file (NO docx file; no cry).

The second contest/blog carnival I'm hosting--together with editors Linda Simoni-Wastila and Michelle Elvy--is in celebration of INTERNATIONAL FLASH FICTION DAY, and the overall winner will be nominated for the Micro Award and also published at Metazen, the literary ezine I edit with Frank Hinton and a group of very talented editors. Here are the details:

FLASH MOB 2013The International Flash Fiction DayBlog Carnival and Competition

To enter, post a previously unpublished work of flash fiction (max 300 words, excluding title) on your own personal blog. Then: send the link to the story, the story text, a photo of yourself and a brief bio–all in the body of the email–to FLASH MOB 2013 (flashmobjune22@gmail.com) by June 10.

See the The Contest Rulesfor complete information on how to enter.

There is no fee to enter the competition.


The Judges

The competition will be judged by an international panel that includes Robert Vaughan (USA), Leah McMenamin (New Zealand), Marcus Speh (Germany) and Nuala NiChonchúir (Ireland). See the Judges page for more.


The Organizers

The organizers represent various points on the globe, and work across timezones and font styles to bring this flash mob event to you.Christopher Allendoes all that he does from Munich, Germany but edits for the daily literary ezine Metazen, which is actually run from Canada.Linda Simoni-Wastila resides in greater Baltimore, Maryland where she writes, professes, mothers, and gives a damn, and in her spare time serves as Senior Fiction Editor of JMWW. Michelle Elvy comes to us from New Zealand as editor of Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction and Blue Five Notebook, though her latitude and longitude change daily these days.

I must be off,



Christopher Allen is the author of Conversations with S. Teri O'Type (a Satire), an episodic adult cartoon about a man struggling with gayspecations--available from Amazon Anything.

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