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Free Photo Friday -- Lions

Welcome to Free Photo Friday on Sunday at I Must Be Off! where cool cats don't wear blue jeans. These cats are basically naked. And free. Enjoy them, use them . . . steal them if you want. Who knows when you'll need a lion pic, right?

Why I'm drawn to lion faces, I'll never know. I'll probably never even ask myself the question. This lion, one of the many small lion statues in a park in Istanbul, kept smiling at me. What a goofy, happy lion. Like Istanbul.

The Merlion, the lion-headed fish mascot of Singapore, always looks like it's making a pizza. The fish part of the statue represents Singapore's heritage as a fishing port; the lion head commemorates Singapore's first name, Singapura--or lion city. On February 28, 2009 at about 4:26 in the afternoon, the Merlion (pictured, um, spewing) in front of the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore--was struck by lightning. He's OK now.

This is a real lion in Kenya. Or I suppose a lioness. Rarrrrrr.

Sometimes I dream about this lion staring at me. When I took this picture, people laughed at me. This often happens. Sometimes I take pictures of cow pats, and people laugh at me. Sometimes I take pictures of other people taking pictures, and people laugh at me. Sometimes I take pictures of people laughing at me.

"Oh, darling! You shouldn't have! A ring? For me? Per me?"This lion is this prissiest lion I've seen since the lion in The Wizard of Oz. He lives in Florence and has a beautifully groomed mane. Curly. I wonder where he gets his hair done.

Did you know there were Greek Sphinxes and Egyptian Sphinxes? That the Greek Sphinxes were typically women? And the Egyptian Sphinxes were often men . . . or androsphinxes? I'm going to start calling The Sphinx in Giza the Androsphinx just to make people think I know my way around an Androsphinx.

The wall between Jewish- and Palestinian-controlled Jerusalem. Nothing to say about this one except . . . Pray for peace.
As always, the photos I share on Free Photo Friday are completely free. If you choose to use them, please share a link to my blog.

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