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Free Photo Friday -- Nature's Light

Somewhere in South Dakota. I suppose these are barley fields or wheat--something I can't eat. The earth is blanched and then seared in the background with a line of green in the middle. It wasn't possible to get a picture that showed the grandeur of this place. Miles and miles and miles of pale earth.

This is one of my favorite pictures. I took it in Hamburg at sunset. The sky looks like a canvas against the silhouette of the tower. While the eye is drawn to the sun of course, don't miss that lamppost, which went on as I was taking the picture.

Also one of my favorite pictures, taken in a church in Israel. The way the sun is beaming in directly toward the column signifies divine inspiration to me--and it also reminds me of Stargate for some reason. You too? I have a tender place for Stargate.

Another one of my favorite pictures. I have taken so many "path" pictures (maybe 500 of them). Obviously I love walking, but I also love Nature and observing how the elements of Nature play with one another, strobing shadow and creating the illusion that enlightenment is just ahead. Don't we all hope it is?

Overlooking the bay in Antalya, Turkey. A sparkling backdrop for the a silhouette. When the sea reflects the sun so intensely, everything is in silhouette against it.

Side, Turkey has seen its share of occupation: the Greeks, the Romans, the German tourists. The thing about ruins is, there's just not much left to occupy--but Side is well worth a visit. My camera, reflecting the sun and making a spot of light on the ground, attracted a dog, who followed me around for an hour. He chased the light, pounced on it, and generally entertained everyone.

The sun casting a delirious impressionist's drawing on the floor of a church on the island of Madeira. Have you ever had the special, fortified wine from Madeira? After you finish the bottle, these are the lights you see.As usual, these photos are yours for the taking. Use them if you want--but if you do, please include a link to my blog. I must be off,Christopher

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