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Free Photo Friday -- Patterns

It's the return of Free Photo Friday. I know you're as excited as I am. It's possible that you're even more excited than I am. I'm a little tired actually.

Today I'm bringing you some of my favorite photos on the theme of pattern, shapes and structures. Yes, that's a unified theme. As usual, these pictures are yours not only to enjoy but also to steal. Well, it's not a crime if I say you can do it.

Here for the taking . . .

I'm drawn to patterns. I guess we all are. I guess that's why patterns exist: to draw our eyes to them. This is a hand-painted plate (probably still) hanging outside a shop in Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast.

A rooftop in a Croatian village. I want to be as pretty as these old roof tiles when I'm that old.

A tree garden exhibit in Montreal. I read the sign several times, trying to figure out what the point was. Something about appreciating the importance of trees? Of plastic trees?

These are elk antlers--thousands of them--that make up the four arches in the center of Jackson (Hole), Wyoming. Just a stone's throw away from Jackson Hole, tens of thousands of elk shed their antlers each year, so the creative people of Jackson, Wyoming made arches out of them. When life gives you antlers, make antler arches.

These are monstrously large jacks in the tiny port of Amalfi. It makes you wonder what giant played here. OK, maybe it doesn't.

A bit of Americana from a church on Mackinac Island, where Americana made in Nicaragua, Pakistan and China can be found in every shop. Yay?

I'm that guy taking pictures of the floor while all the other tourists are taking pictures of . . . well I don't know what they were taking pictures of. I was looking at the floor in a church on the Sea of Galilee.

Carnival on Madeira.

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