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Good Things Come in Threes

(Important! If the bottom of this post is cut off by the homepage's pictures, try reloading the page. This usually works.)

My recent health problems notwithstanding, I am a very fortunate person. Life isn't always good, but it's instructive. Before I moved to Germany, my outlook on life wasn't so rosy. Actually, maybe I'm giving D-Land too much credit here. I was quite the nasty fellow even years after moving here.

I'm not sure when it changed or how it changed, but my attitude changed. I became grateful--grateful for the adventure. Grateful for the instruction. Maybe being a teacher for two decades now has taught me something about how difficult it is to learn--to really learn. So every time something clicks and I see this world a bit more clearly, I'm grateful. Goodness, this got all serious, and I was logging on simply to tell you about three interviews I was fortunate enough to do with Gay Degani at Flash Fiction Chronicles, Dan Powell at Dan Powell Fiction and Ruth Rieckehoff at Tanama Tales.

Flash Fiction Chronicles

Gay Degani surprised me with graciousness when she asked to interview me, and for that I'm very grateful. Her site Flash Fiction Chronicles is an Everest of information for writers of flash fiction. You could wander through the links on the site for weeks and not learn half of what the site offers. It's truly one of the best sources of information for flash writers out there. I'm honored to have been interviewed about my writing process. If you haven't already visited the site, please do.

Dan Powell Fiction

Dan Powell, an amazing writer of unexpected fiction, asked me to respond to his questions in the My Life in Short Fiction series--and for this I'm grateful. Not because of the publicity it gives me as a writer (although this is nice), but because of the soul/past searching the questions required. It was such a productive time of reflection for me about my influences and my early reading moments. If you haven't read the interview, please do. And while you're on Dan's site, congratulate him on his recent successes. Make his day.

Tanama Tales

Ruth Rieckehoff is a giving person. In this new world of social networks, she's one of the good guys. Her travel blog, Tanama Tales, always delivers interesting stories about interesting places. It's lively. So a big thank you to Ruth for interviewing me in her Featured Traveler series. It was fun to rave and rant about the places I hate and love and love/hate. I hope to work more with Ruth.

Good things--all three.

I must be off,


Christopher Allenis the author of the absurdist satire Conversations with S. Teri O'Type. Allen writes fiction, creative non-fiction and of course this here blog. His work has appeared in numerous places both online and in print. Read more about him HERE.

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