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I Must Be Off! New Look, New Concept

Hi, adorable I Must Be Off! readers. You may have noticed that a few things have changed here. The biggest change is that you now can become part of I Must Be Off! You can submit your own travel writing, photos, and links to your YouTube videos. After we review and accept them, you'll be part of the I Must Be Off! travel-obsessed community. Don't forget to pin the location of your submission on the map so that I Must Be Off! visitors can find your contribution easily.

We've also changed how the I Must Be Off! Travel Writing Competition works. Now you can submit your entry right here on the website. To do so, register by entering your email address and choosing a password (record this somewhere!), and then follow the directions. If you have any problems, email me (christopher@imustbeoff.com) and I'll try to help.

The third part of the site that has changed is that I've moved my day job online so that I can teach from anywhere in the world. If you are an ESL learner and need English especially for your job, please have a look at the E-Coaching tile. Booking an hour is easy, using the booking calendar. Your first hour will be refunded.

Finally, check out our YouTube channel and subscribe if you are adorable.

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