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Lots and Lots and Lots of Stuff!

(Important! If this post is cut off at the bottom, reload the page. This usually solves the problem.)

It seems like the last few weeks have been stuffed with stuff coming out, so I thought I'd take a few minutes and update you on, well, stuff.

Yesterday, my story "The Shop Between the Prophets and the Sea" came out in the stunning magazine Lost in Thought alongside some great fellow writers and many talented artists. The magazine is pretty and slick and arty from the first page to the last. Worth every penny. Thank you to editor and designer Kyle Schruder and fiction editor Robert Vaughan.

Jo Ann Tomaselli from the blue collection 2: musicMy story "Furniture" was included in Blue Five Notebook's the blue collection 2: music issue rubbing narrative shoulders with some very cool writers and artists. Thank you to Michelle Elvy for including this story.

The last Aotearoa Affair Blog Carnival--"A View From Here"--is live. I've contributed my interview with Scottish author Gill Hoffs, whose book Wild is out now.

You may have read my interview with German author Jürgen Fauth in the Expat Author Interview Series here at I Must Be Off! I've also reviewed his book Kino for Books at Fictionaut. Have a look.

And of course I'm deep into shamelessly promoting my book Conversations with S. Teri O'Type. I'm considering having some books sent to my parents' house in Tennessee so that I can sign a few for people in the US. If you're interested in a signed copy--sweet, sweet people--let me know. It will influence the number of books I order.

I've also started a new blog devoted to the life and times of this book. Check it out HERE.

And there's more to come in the next few weeks. For now, though . . .

I must be off,

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