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New Story at Referential Magazine!

Original art by Jennifer Noel BowerPretty IMBO reader! Here you are again. You're blessed.

Today my story "Husk of Hare" is appearing at Jessie Carty's Referential Magazine. The tale is based on a Cornish legend that claims young maidens who die shortly after they're spurned by wicked men come back to haunt the men as white hares. As it turns out, little Tom Tischler was quite the ladies' man.

Be sure to watch Referential Magazine in the coming weeks as Jennifer Noel Bower's artwork, which she drew specially for my story (Thank you, Jenn!), will be added about a week after the story first appears. Then--and I was thrilled when he said he wanted to read it--Marcus Speh's podcast of the story will go live a few days after that. So watch this space: Christopher Allen's Contributor Page at Referential Magazine (then click on Husk of Hare)

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