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Other Household Toxins -- Cover Reveal

Jessica Gawinski is crazy talented. I'm thrilled that she did the cover for my debut collection of flash fiction, Other Household Toxins. This eclectic group of 48 stories from the past 7 years is my interpretation of flash fiction thus far. Many of the stories come and go on one page, and some push the (word) limitations of flash. One is even around 6000 words long but uses the techniques of flash to create a modular narrative. All of the stories are in some way about toxic relationships. And death. There is lots of death in Other Household Toxins, mostly in the form of characters re-interpreting it, re-inventing it, and deconstructing it.

Thank you also to the writers who've been supportive with blurbs, which I'll be sharing in the run-up to publication: Kathy Fish, Sara Lippmann, Robert Vaughan, and Michelle Elvy. And thank you to Randall Brown for believing in this collection.

The book is forthcoming from Matter Press--publication date TBA. And I'm dying for you to read it.

I must be off,

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