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Today I'm bursting my buttons to have a story at Blue Five Notebook alongside Gill Hoffs, Foster Trecost, Nicolette Wong and one of my favourites, Martha Williams. Thank you to Michelle Elvy and Sam Rasnake for giving "The Shoes, The Girl and the Waves that Washed Them Away" a home. The story is about a person exploring her choices. And HERE is the link.

Last week "A Garden of Knives and Sugar" appeared at Matt Potter's Pure Slush. The story is the first part of a dialogue between two characters; the second part, "Bantu", is written by Katrina Gray. Thank you, Matt. I love what you do and the incredible energy you bring to it. So much happening at Pure Slush. CHECK IT OUT.

And if you missed my story "Husk of Hare" at Jessie Carty's Referential Magazine, please stop by and give Referential some love--and if you like, leave a comment. The story is graced by Jennifer Noel Bower's original art and Marcus Speh's vocal-honey reading. To hear Marcus's AUDIO, click on his name above the story.

All three of these stories are on the edge of reason, surreal and short. I'd appreciate your clicking on the links. And of course clicking on the links makes you 84% prettier.

I must be off,

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