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Late in 2011 I was stoked to have a story included in STRIPPED, a collection of anonymous flash. The concept underpinning the collection was that the stories--which all deal in some way with gender or how the roles we play as men and women affect our writing or our writing style--would be genderless. The reader, in this case, would not have the luxury of knowing whether a man or a woman wrote the story. For some readers this might be infuriating, but I think for most it's a challenge and a mystery--one that will be solved by Nicole Monaghan on February 1. Come back to I Must Be Off on February 1 for a link to the BIG REVEAL.

The writers in this collection are truly an all-star cast:

The Women – Erin Fitzgerald, Ethel Rohan, Gay Degani, Gill Hoffs, Heather Fowler, Jeanne Holtzman, Jessica Charest, Kathy Fish, Kerri Schuster, Kierstin Bridger, Meg Tuite, Michelle Reale, Myfanwy Collins, Nicole Monaghan, Pamela Painter, Rae Bryant, Roxane Gay, Sara Lippmann, Sherrie Flick, Tara Laskowski, Tara L. Masih

The Men -
Casey Hannan, Christopher Allen, Curtis Smith, Devan Goldstein, Eric Bosse, J. Bradley, Ken Pobo, Len Kuntz, Marc Nieson, Marc Schuster, Michael Martone, Nathan Long, Peter Schwartz, Randall Brown, Robert Swartwood, Robert Vaughan, Rusty Barnes, Scott Garson, Sean Lovelace, Sheldon Lee Compton, William Henderson

An excellent gender analysis of the collection has been conducted by Zin Kenter at the blog A Just Recompense. This is a fascinating look at the collection and an attempt to guess the gender of each author. I'm thrilled all three of the tests got my story wrong. Or did they? Hahahaha. You'll just have to wait for February 1 to find out. (Update! You can match the story with the author HERE!)

I must be off,

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